Friday, February 6, 2009

AND now we have THIS...

Readers are probably looking at the last post and freaking out--not to worry--I haven't lost a screw. Ok--well, maybe only a few....I am pleased that the SSPX bishops have been brought back into the Church just as I would be for anyone who was previously excommunicated. Excommunication is a severe discipline of the Church designed to get people to change and come back to the teachings of the Church. The SSPX and the Vatican have been working on this for a while and it finally happened. This will be a good thing--now for the bad.

The "idiot uncle" of the group, bishop Williamson, shows up on camera with his odd ideas on the Holocaust, denying what happened/how many and how-against the stated position of the Church , so he could appear educated and sophisticated. He wound up looking like a sad crackpot and gives the media a fantastic target (He gave the interview in November and the lifting of the excommunication took place in late January). No plan here was there? (Hmmmm?)

Regardless of ANY conspiracy theories that may put forth in defending the indefensable comments, + Williamson sets the whole cause back AND makes His Holiness and the Vatican AND Bp. Fellay look inept in the process. They are NOT. + Williamson has made himself a pariah by his comments and better prepare himself for a major kick in the fanny from Bishop Fellay and just about EVERYBODY else and it is richly deserved.

Meanwhile, Tradition must continue to move forward. It has a place of honor in the Church and no one person(s) should cause this restoration to fail. This has caused a person to fall from favor, but we are not a group that should be attached to any person except Christ. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, but for all our sakes Bp. Fellay, please drain and clean the tub.

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