Friday, August 14, 2009

Fisheaters and Headcoverings

Great question....Here it is for those who are not following the question I was asked....

"I was reading that "' site tonight. I know nothing about the site at all, so I have no idea where it's loyalties lie. There was a section devoted to women wearing headcoverings during Mass. It was very compelling. I really don't know what the Church's stand on that is. This website seems to imply that we're really SUPPOSED to be wearing them still, but due to some political hand-waving, the issue went away. I'm confused. Know anything?"

Fisheaters hmm?--well, it's pretty Traditional in it's viewpoint. Most liberals would say very VERY right wing arch-conservative. It is a good resource if you get past some of the long-harbored anger and bad feelings the Traditionalists have for being shut out of the mainstream of the Church for the last 50 years. I personally use it and I find it helpful.

Headcoverings-Oh boy--I'll catch it here...First, this came from the Jewish Temple worship. In the old Testament, Jewish women were to wear headcoverings in the Temple, no exceptions. Since most of the early Christians were Jews, headcoverings were a tradition that was maintained in the early Church.

All that said, there are three Theological basic reasons why women should cover their heads in Church:
(See I Corinthians 11:2-16--showing Paul's instructons to the Church)

1)It is a outward sign of the recognition of the Headship of God--see vs. 3

2) Paul tells us that is is an outward sign or recogintion of the order of Creation -vs. 7-9

3) Paul additionally teaches us that it is because of the presence of angels when we pray together. v 10

Additionally, it has been the tradition of Holy Mother Church for over 1900 years. We have changed this for what reason other than fashion and convenience? Ooops. did I say that out loud?