Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting Started

This was suggested by a few friends to have a "safe place" to ask and discuss issues and questions that we run across or want to know more about.

It seems we always talk about our faith whenever we get together and have several questions raised before we have to leave and go home. This gives us a way to continue our discussion so we all can benefit and grow. Hopefully, we can discuss these topics and thoughts and make sure we all have a proper understanding. Many of us have lots of resources and can contribute greatly.

We have a number of resources in the background and several experts who have agreed to help us when we get stuck. Our goal here is to know more than we did when we asked the question originally and to increase our knowledge of our faith in the process. We all have much to learn so let's be practical and remember that not everyone holds the same perspective or is in the same place in their spiritual growth. (Nice for be kind--nobody understands this all-grin).